A Whole New Label Experience.

Say hello to Metas Managed Label Services®.

Labels are everywhere. But label production is costly, complicated, incredibly wasteful, and offers very little opportunity to customize.

Metas Managed Label Services® provides labels that are up to 50% cheaper, remarkably simple, unimaginably efficient, and wildly customizable.

It's a whole new world for labels. Say goodbye to labels as usual.

Labels reimagined.

However you think your labels get made, and whatever you think you can do with labels, forget it. Metas has reimagined labels from the ground up, from uses to prices to production.

With our proprietary, service-oriented tech, Metas Managed Label Services® delivers in-house label production solutions (that's right: in-house) to give you more flexibility, more customization, and a level of savings you won't believe.

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A value you didn't know you had.

Companies typically spend as much as 50% too much for their labels. That amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost profitability. Metas Managed Label Services® invites you to recapture this lost profit through a smarter label spend. Give us a call, and we will show you how.

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Unprecedented customization.

Have a million regulatory requirements that necessitate a huge variety of labels? Need each individual label to be customized? Want to give your marketing team an entirely new platform for an advertising campaign? With Metas, labels can do more than they've ever done before. Drop us a line, and we can help you recast your expectations of what's possible.

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Your own expert team. Your own cutting-edge tech.

When you buy your labels from converters, you are paying for their expertise and their tech overhead. With Metas, you can bring that expertise in-house and we'll be there every step of the way. It's the expert, personalized attention you deserve at a fraction of the cost. Schedule a visit, and we'll come show you how it works.

What We Offer

Your guide to the new fundamentals in label tech, supply, and support.

Bringing your labels in-house may sound daunting, but with sixty years of expertise, Metas Managed Label Services® is equipped to handle installation, set up, and production of every aspect of your label needs.

  • Print Engines
  • Supply
  • Art
  • Finishers
  • Ink
  • File Management
  • Pre-Press
  • Materials
  • Testing
Metas partners with you every step of the way.

The Little Finisher That Can

The METAS 1-SERIES® Label Finisher is one example of how Metasis remapping the label landscape, and our innovative, proprietary tech is only the beginning.

(But if you're interested in the tech, we'd be happy to show it to you.)

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What our friends say

“All kinds of imaginative. All kinds of smart.”

—Victor Gomez

Director, Industrial Label Products
Epson America
“They are singularly focused. They respond.”


Industry Expert
Konica Minolta / Spear

This year, Metas was awarded one of the Michigan Celebrates Small Business 50 Top Companies to Watch.

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