Imagine what you can do with a better, faster, greener label ecosystem. Metas® Managed Label Services® (MLS) saves you money, increases efficiency, and reduces waste.

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Introducing Metas® Managed Label Services®

The latest advances in technology can offer you a whole new world of label solutions. We remove the problems of “labels as usual” while making on-site production possible without “going it alone”.

Welcome to the future of labels.

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Metas® Managed Label Services® (mlsOS) is a comprehensive solution that makes on-site label production possible for everyone.

Build a bridge between your label production now and the label production of the future. Metas® provides solutions to bring you there.

Take control of your labels with mlsOS. Metas® Managed Label Services Operating System is the most streamlined way to manage your labels. It's all done from your smart devices—phones, tablets, or computers.

No matter how specialized or personalized your need, Metas® can provide a fast, affordable label solution to help you deliver custom products to the market and create new, highly targeted connections with your consumers.

Metas® is a group of daring individuals changing the label landscape.

Let's dream up fresh new solutions for your label production.

“Just hit print.”

These three simple words sum up one of our key missions. We encounter customers every day who are sick of “labels as usual”. They are sick of managing endless costs, missed deadlines and production holdups—not to mention the excess waste when a mistake is made.

We're here to guide you through the "Oregon Trail" of labels, so all you have to do is just hit print. Check out some of the labels we've reimagined below.

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“All kinds of imaginative. All kinds of smart.”
Director, Industrial Label Products, Epson America

Metas® Managed Label Services® Brings You a Whole New Label Landscape

Metas® guides you through an ecosystem of tech-driven solutions to bring your labels into the future.

Spend less time on technical headaches and more time on what matters. Less money on labels and more on scaling your business.

We’ve brought all the hardware, software, and cloud solutions you will need under one roof. And since we’ve automated everything else—our only job is to guide you forward.

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