A whole new label


A label ecosystem born for industry 4.0, available now. Join us for a smarter, faster, greener label experience.

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The most holistic list of services to power your new label ecosystem.

Metas® provides expert guidance—ongoing project management and training with a focus on continuous improvement.
  • Workflow Analysis & Efficiency Consulting
  • Label Activation & Marketing Coordination
  • SOP & Program Management
  • Material Supply & Support
  • Material Testing, Validation, & Optimization
  • Artwork Support and Optimization
  • Custom Hardware Engineering
  • Data Backups, Local First, and Cloud
  • 911 Print & Finish

What is the Metas® ecosystem?

The story is the same for organizations of all types and sizes worldwide: label sourcing takes too long and is costly, complicated, wasteful, inefficient, environmentally negative, and just plain frustrating. Furthermore, the year 2020 has revealed how fragile your supply chain can be. Your labels are no different—you can't sell your product or run your organization without labels. The label industry is facing lead times of up to two weeks, limiting your ability to serve your customers and react.

That's where the Metas® ecosystem comes in. Our team has spent years building the perfect integration of software, hardware, and service to solve the world's label problem.

Download Solutions Brief

Learn how Managed Label Services® (MLS) can help streamline your label workflow. Download our Solutions Brief in PDF format here.

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