The Solution

Metas® Managed Label Services®

What does it mean for you?

Traditionally, there have been two options for fulfilling label needs: label procurement and in-house production. Both options are costly, complicated, and wasteful—leaving them available only to companies that have the resources to waste.

Metas® Managed Label Services® saves you money, increases efficiency, and reduces waste. We remove the problems of "labels as usual" while making in-house production possible without "going it alone".

How does it work?


Metas® works with you to map your current label landscape and develop a solution that fits your unique needs. We consider your regulatory requirements, design desires, environmental factors, cost efficiency, and label production workflow integration when cultivating your optimal label ecosystem.


We create standard operating procedures that cover everything from label creation to application. We generate process flow maps of your label landscape to implement an efficient workflow that compliments existing operations. By utilizing lean principles, we reduce time and waste. We complete artwork intake and create optimized print-ready files for efficient production. We do what others don’t.


We automate the management of your label ecosystem with mlsOS (our IIOT platform) and our expert guides. mlsOS connects and controls all aspects of the label ecosystem including assets, people, and tasks. It acts as a collaboration platform with centralized communication between our customers, their workflows, and our expert staff.

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